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Dorothy Bodoin Books:
THE CAMEO CLUE-For Katherine Kale, who has recently returned to the United States after teaching overseas for years, Maple Creek, Michigan, is the perfect American town and the elegant blue Victorian on Walnut Street is the house of her dreams.

When she is nearly poisoned at the annual Apple Fair, as another woman dies, Katherine suspects that Maple Creek may not be the paradise it seemed at first acquaintance and determines to find out who would lace a caramel apple with deadly poison.

Her first clue, unearthed while planting chrysanthemums in her back yard, is an antique cameo. Damaged but still beautiful, the cameo is a haunting clue from the past that may lead her to the cruel killer behind the latest murder in Maple Creek and explain a mysterious disappearance from long ago.

Dorothy Bodoin’s, The Cameo Clue, is an intriguing mystery that invites the reader to pull an armchair near a cozy fire and while away the time in the crisp air of a Michigan fall with our intrepid sleuth as she tracks a clever killer whose candy confections can kill. What more could you ask for?
A SHADOW ON THE SNOW-Krista Marlow has traveled to a cozy cabin in the snow-shrouded woods of Huron Station, Michigan for a winter vacation. But a turn down a desolate road through the woods brings her to a horrible site. The body of a man hung from a tree, the arrow that pierced his heart like a push-pin in a streaming map of blood.

The victim, a hunter, may have been killed by a radical anti-hunting group. A blood-soaked sign with the words “Stop the Kill” scrawled on it was positioned under his body.

Krista finds herself in the center of the investigation into the man’s murder. She saw a car speeding by her as she drove down the road, and may be able to identify the killer—she caught a glimpse of the driver’s face as the car sped past her.


SECRET FOR A SATYR-When Cressa Hannett is cut from the team on a space project in Texas, she comes home to Maple Creek, Michigan, determined to start all over again. Her new home on Victorian Row looks just like the house she grew up in years ago and Cressa feels ready to regroup, to find a new career in this seemingly idyllic place. Then her neighbor is found dead in her backyard fountain, drowned, and suddenly, what was once appealing becomes sinister to Cressa's eyes.

It was no accident and the neighborhood is full of wild tales. The fountain’s statue of a Satyr, reputedly haunted, becomes the main suspect in the death of the elderly piano teacher, but Cressa saw a cloaked figure slinking through Libby Dorset's garden before the eccentric little woman was found dead. Cressa wonders if the figure noticed her observation.

Cressa finds herself pulled into the mystery of Libby's death with the discovery of an old scrapbook in her new home's basement. The scrapbook owner, Minta Bransford, mysteriously disappeared over 30 years ago. Did the women have anything in common?

When strange things begin to happen at the Dorset house across the street, Cressa wonders if Libby's favorite music that lingers in the air and the mysterious girl in the old green dress that haunts her garden are guiding her to find the truth. Cressa is fearless, but realizes that she may not be able to save herself from following Libby to the grave.


SNOWHEDGE-After an arsonist torches her collie kennel, Susanna Kentwood's life begins to unravel. Longing to start over again in a new place, Susanna accepts an offer from a distant relative to watch over an old three-story country manor in Maple Creek, Michigan, known as Snowhedge until it sells.


Once she moves in Susanna slowly becomes aware that something is wrong in the house. Her suspicions are confirmed when the parlor, unnaturally cold and empty, transforms itself into a room decorated for a Christmas celebration, complete with a ghostly spirit woman dressed in festive red. Snowhedge was the scene of a decades-old tragedy and its previous owner, Lila Rose, who may have committed suicide, left a record of her supernatural experiences within its walls. Susanna digs into the house's history to solve the mystery of Lila Rose unaware that her own past is about to catch up with her.


LOVE DEADLY LOVE-When Linnet Shellwin moves into a picturesque Victorian House known as the Valentine Villa–it is as pink and lacy as Valentine card–she looks forward to a long and successful career teaching English in the town’s middle school.

Then some members of her out-of-control ninth-grade class concoct a plan to kill her and a disconnected phone in the house begins to ring. Linnet learns that the house’s previous owner was murdered in the house in the past year, not decades ago as she had believed.

Linnet finds herself in the middle of a murderous mystery with a supernatural spirit guiding her to the realization that she is possibly the next victim of an insidious killer.



PHIL Beloin Jr.



When Nick Constantine, a former mob enforcer turned key witness against his former boss, wakes up with two dead blondes in his bed, all Hell breaks loose. Nick has no memory of the blondes, he is a barkeep now and makes a valiant effort to score every pretty babe that crosses the threshold of his establishment, but these two are a mystery. Dead from an apparent drug overdose, Nick knows he's in for big trouble. Before he can figure much of anything out he is snatched up by his old boss, Irv Marquette and it turns out he was set up with the blondes by Irv and a dope dealing porn photographer named Eddie. Irv has a video of Nick and the dead girls that he will send to the cops unless Nick finds a missing girl for him. Pam is a beautiful, seemingly innocent blonde with big blue eyes that Irv wants to marry. If Nick can find her, he can avoid the cops. Nick agrees to go after Pam. The only problem is, once he sees her, he can't share her with anyone else. Nick finds out that Pam is posing in some very sexy photos for the scumbag Eddie. Nick names Pam's body of work, The Big Bad. Irv gets closer and soon Pam and Nick are running for their lives from the mob and the cops in classic hard-boiled noir style




Roy Cain Books:
LOVE LUST & LIES-When your heart aches for someone you love more than anything in life, you will do everything in your power to protect them. Thomas Andrews feels such love for BJ Jones. In fact, he has loved BJ-short for Billy Jean-since they were both in the fifth grade. BJ is a petite, strawberry blonde beauty who is already turning heads in school including some of the worst-the bad boy crowd that runs with the school's meanest bully, Pete Massey. Thomas is a modest; good looking, hard working and responsible young man. He works long hours on his family's farm and respects his parents and grandparents. He strives to be a good man, the best man he can be. He has only one desire, to earn the love of BJ, the secret love of his life. When Thomas drives his sixteenth birthday gift-a restored 1949 Ford truck to school, his secret yearnings are soon answered. He stops to offer BJ a ride and-like lightning striking-he and BJ are soon locked in their first passionate embrace. Thomas has finally earned the love of the girl of his dreams, but what should be the happiest days of his young life become a turbulent drama of love, lust, lies, jealousy and murderous violence.
I WILL HAVE HER-When your heart stops and the paramedics are zipping you into a body bag, coming back to life takes a miracle or a supernatural destiny fueled by great love. When Thomas and BJ are run down by a demonic killer, it seems as if their powerful love story will end. But death is defeated and Thomas is determined to marry the girl of his dreams and protect her forever. Thomas soon realizes that the death of an evil person doesn’t always end their influence over your reality. He is haunted day and night by terrifying images and threats against the ones he loves, but a secret society of holy men come to his aid. They tell him a fantastic legend of a warrior against evil and the destiny of a young woman and her baby. I Will Have Her is the thrilling continuation of the supernatural saga of Thomas Andrews and BJ Jones that began in Love, Lust & Lies.


When justice meets the underworld the stakes are always high. But add the tension between two ambitious covert agents; one a beautiful woman just as audacious, provocative and tough as her partner—a handsome young agent out to prove himself at the CIA and to settle a secret score with their target—a soulless crime lord ready to sell a device that can kill millions to the highest bidder, and the stakes become more than deadly. In the midst of murder, drugs, and money is Duty, Honor, and Country. Mix in Love, Lust, and Lies and it's a recipe for disaster.

Roy Cain & David Woods

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