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THE PHOENIX and THE CASSANDRA  are also  Worldwide Mystery Titles.

THE PHOENIX-Stella Jones is stuck. Since her husband’s death in a tragic accident, she’s taken leave from her job and has hardly left her house for months. But when a friend asks for her help, she reluctantly agrees and is dragged on a crazy stalking spree to catch a cheating spouse in the act and nearly pays with her life. The house they are scoping out suddenly explodes in flames. The husband is killed—possibly murdered—and now Stella has a reason to get up in the morning, to find out what really happened.

Her questions lead her to the office of a feisty PI, Cheverly Fortuna who’s got questions of her own. Stella and Chev decide to investigate some strange coincidences, but when Stella stumbles across a body whose death is cleverly disguised as a suicide, the mystery deepens and she begins to connect her own husband’s “accident” to a larger, darker and more sordid conspiracy of murder, greed, depravity—and a waiting killer. 
THE CASSANDRA-Stella Jones is happy in her new life. She even enjoys long stake-outs with her new partner Chev Fortuna while checking out potential boyfriends for their client, Blanche Connor who has been unlucky in love. When a stake out turns into an attempted murder, Stella and Chev risk their own lives to save her latest love interest. Just after their meeting with Blanche to let her know her unlucky-in-love streak seems destined to continue, a new client requests their services. A famous family of psychic sisters in Stella’s little town have a crisis. The oldest sister is trapped in a vision of the murder of a young girl who went missing twenty years ago. The poor woman keeps saying, “She wants to be found.” Her family fears for her sanity so Stella and Chev agree to help and find that they are investigating a very cold, cold case. When they discover that the missing girl is just one of the possible victims of a depraved and prolific serial killer, they realize that the old case was just the beginning of his dark journey. While Stella and Chev scramble to uncover his identity, he has set his sights on his pursuers. With everything at risk, they devise a daring plan that might just unmask him or put them into his hands.
THE ANTEROS-The Anteros is the God of requited love and thus, the Avenger of love that is unrequited.  Stella and Chev are attending the beautiful wedding of a friend on an historic college campus when something odd happens. A serving of champagne goes wrong and just when the dancing starts they are called away to investigate a body found in the creek that flows through the campus.  Like the creek another force is flowing through the campus, a blog for students unlucky in love, but instead of support, the blog encourages revenge even murder.   With commencement and graduation just a week away, Stella and Chev have to stop the killings. So when the killers, or as Chev refers to them, the psychos get too close, love is the only power that can win over evil.


D.I.R.T. THE CASE OF THE SCARLET ROO-When a little girl in a frilly pink dress appears on the dark web on a notorious pedophile website, someone is watching. Known simply as DIRT—the mysterious young woman who secretly works with the cybercrime unit of a multistate taskforce to prevent child sexual exploitation—has a special interest in this case. She knows the little girl is being held by a vicious network of pedophiles know as the SRS—The Scarlet Roo Society.

DIRT has already helped Ethan Zane—the FBI agent who heads the taskforce—to close down most of their overseas operations, but this little girl’s rescue will be handed by her own team—her partners—a genius boy hacker, a spiritual young man from Tibet with major skills and a young nurse practitioner from the free clinic.

In the battle with a worldwide network of vicious predators and their army of thugs anything can happen—lives are lost and secrets are revealed. 



Davinia Cole discovers a treasure as a young girl while visiting her Grandmother in Cambridgeshire—a notebook belonging to Moireach Maitland Hudson who was the former landlady to a very famous detective. In it Moireach documents the experiments and evidence that her boarder demands that she clean up after each case. She so admired him that she kept every note and bit of evidence that he left behind. The notebook inspires Davinia to pursue studies at Cambridge, become a criminologist and follow in her favorite detective’s path. She’s well on her way when a discovery in an old garden shed becomes her first case.  An old murder re-surfaces and her pursuit of the truth brings her face to face with a ruthless killer that no one suspects.




When two sisters, Lyla Ford, a successful stunt woman and her sister Kat Ford a sought after makeup artist decide to change course after Lyla is almost killed in a stunt-gone-wrong accident, they never think that becoming Pet Nannies to the stars will put them on the trail of a cunning murderer. Lyla’s visit to take care of a Golden Retriever puppy named Gracie turns into a murder investigation when she discovers Gracie cuddled up next to a dead woman who turns out to be a well know actress–Faith Sheridan, a long time cast member of The Far Horizon, a famous day time drama. Faith left a note that asks that they find a good home for Gracie if anything happens to her.

When Lyla and Kat look into Gracie’s records with her Vet, they find that she was given up to a shelter when her owner, a young actress, Mandy Farr disappeared just as she was to audition for a role on The Far Horizon.  Her car was abandoned with the engine running on a rural road heading in the opposite direction from the studio. Lyla and Kat decide to offer their Loving Pet Nannies services to the production of The Far Horizon and investigate what connection the show might have to Faith’s murder and Mandy’s abduction.



Somewhere between madness and reality, care and abuse and love and hate, three young men live. Bud is a hard working guy but is haunted by disturbing, debilitating dreams. Nick a small town boy with a family who has yet to achieve the American dream. Owen is different-he is gay-and in a town like Lucas in upstate New York, that can be life threatening. The three friends struggle with their own demons and their friendship as two outsiders Jason-a homo-phobe with violent tendencies and Aaron-a manipulative psychology major from NYU confront the guys with disastrous consequences. Nick's daughter is injured in a brawl between Jason and Bud at a Friday night get together at Nick's house. Bud's dreams have become violent episodes-that may reflect an abusive childhood-with black-outs, and in spite of a vicious beating, Owen seems unaware that the animosity that Jason feels for him borders on homicidal. To make the situation even more tense, the town of Lucas is also being terrorized by a serial rapist-murderer who may be one of their group. Somewhere Between is a suspenseful tale of the mystery of friendship and humanity-the damage that is done in the name of friendship and family-the damage that endures.
Dr. Indigo Swann is a clinical psychologist in Norfolk, Virginia. Indy is a woman who treats patients with emotional scars while carrying a large number of her own. Indy's mother has a habit of marrying the wrong guy and one of the worst-a guy named Shark-not only killed Indy's brother but abused her as well. When a young soldier is sent to Indy because he cannot remember much of his tour of duty in Iraq, Indy discovers that he has Multiple Personality Disorder. After a particularly intense session, he runs from her office and is later found dead-hung from his own closet door. Indy feels responsible-did she push the patient too hard? Were his memories too painful for him to relive? When the detective investigating the soldier's apparent suicide, Sam Neiman, contacts Indy to let her know the young man's death was murder-not suicide-he warns her that what she knows could be the motive for the murder. Indy and Neiman work together to track a cold killer and heal the scars they both bear.I'm a title.
After decidedly weird new neighbors move in next door, sixth-grader Chris Franklin finds his world turned upside down. The neighbors, a mom and dad and a son about Chris' age, all have white hair and wear black capes. Chris is convinced vampires have moved in next door, but he can't get his parents to believe him. Then things get worse at school. The new neighbors' son, Bram Alucard in Chris' class, is incredibly smart and makes everyone else look bad. But when two bullies start a food fight in the lunchroom, Chris learns that Bram has amazing strength-almost superhuman. Chris realizes that he really likes having Bram as his friend even though his family and friends are a little weird. Chris and Bram befriend Roberta, a young girl in their class that Bram claims is an extra-terrestial being. Chris and Bram decide to find a way to return Roberta and her family to their home planet. They just hope they never have to explain any of their adventure to their parents.
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