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THIS ANGEL HAS NO WINGS-When Howie Cummins, Mick Brunner and Adam Trexler open the MAC detective agency, they are determined to handle any case that comes their way. When their first customer comes through the door requesting they find her lost cat, the three young men initially feel that they could be investigating more important things. Little do they realize they are about to be thrown into a world filled with missing persons, lying relatives, theft, deceit and a possible Satanic cult. When their investigation turns deadly, and one of them goes missing, the MAC detective agency must learn quickly how to handle the big cases, and fast. As the case twists and turns into the seemingly hellish underbelly of their town, the boys must pull together to stop any more harm from being done. Racing against time, and against their own disbelief, the MAC agency must move quickly before one of their own is taken forever.
THIS ANGEL DOESN'T LIKE CHOCOLATE-The MAC boys are back to investigate the death of a man who died in a vat of chocolate. Although the police think the death is an accident, the boys are drawn into a wild investigation of death by chocolate.
THIS ANGEL ISN'T FUNNY-The MAC Detective Agency boys are back! Howie Cummins and his partners are hired by a man who feels his girlfriend, Donna Mae, is stepping out on him. The investigation takes a dark turn, however, when Donna Mae is found dead. The police conclude her death a suicide, but the man is convinced his girlfriend was murdered and wants Cummins to find the killer. Amidst the strange turns and twists of the case, the three detectives of the MAC Detective Agency find this to be one of the most complicated and bizarre cases they have encountered.
THIS ANGEL'S HALO IS CROOKED-The MAC Detective Agency boys are back! Stolen bodies from a local funeral home, a missing friend of a local hood, and threatening letters are the investigations keeping Howie, Mick and Adam busy. But things get really disturbing when it seems that the detectives have become the target of a serious psycho. When a client's business is torched and Mick's wedding to his high school sweetheart includes a kidnapping, the boys will confront one of the most terrifying killers of their careers.
THIS ANGEL HAS BLUE EYES-The MAC Detective Agency boys have a new case and it is deadly. When police detective Jim Davidson informs Howie Cummins and his two partners, Mick Brunner and Adam Trexler, that Damien-a sadistic psychopath with evil intentions-is back, the three private investigators realize that their nemesis has returned to extract revenge from them. Little do they realize that Howie's new girlfriend, the birth of Mick's baby, and Adam's investigation of a group that's seeks to discover the power and energy of pyramids, all figure in an unspeakably diabolical scheme for the settling of scores that is Damien's ultimate vengeance.
THIS ANGEL'S GOING DOWN-The MAC Detective Agency boys have a new case and it is deadly. Damien is on the loose again and has vowed to exact revenge upon Howie Cummins and his partners, Mick Brunner and Adam Trexler. The deadly cat-and–mouse game Damien plays with the detectives of the MAC Detective agency pushes Howie across the line, causes Adam to seriously consider quitting, and places Mick's family in peril. While investigating the death of a murdered hooker and the missing husband of another client, Howie becomes a suspect in a brutal murder. While Mick wants to believe Howie couldn't have done it, Adam has lingering questions about his innocence. Working under pressure to solve how all of this is intertwined, the partnership becomes in danger of splitting up. In a dramatic battle for life and death with Damien on the icy banks of a river, Howie confronts a dark truth about himself.
THIS ANGEL DOESN'T PLAY NICE-The MAC Detective Agency boys have  a new case!

Initially hired to locate a missing husband, Howie Cummins and his detective agency discover the man has a dark secret causing the case to become more complicated than they ever could have imagined. A New York City private detective also hires them to track down a man his client is desperate to find. The client, a mysterious beautiful woman, doesn’t want her name known nor does she give the reason why she wants this man found. Only later does Howie learn that she intends to kill this man for reasons she refuses to share. In the midst of these cases, Howie has an ongoing battle with a crooked police detective who he tries to take down. Eventually, he devises a plan that he thinks will turn the tables on the detective, but may have to cross the line of justice to do so.

The investigation becomes more dangerous when Howie and his partners come up against a person known only as The Angel of Death.


Anne White was an Agatha Nominee for Best First Mystery in 2001 after winning the Malice Grant for best unpublished work -AN AFFINITY FOR MURDER



BENEATH THE SURFACE-It's a glorious June morning in upstate New York and thirty-four-year-old Loren Graham, the recently elected mayor of sleepy little Emerald Point, has found the perfect spot on the Lake George shoreline for her morning run. Perfect, that is, until she encounters sixteen-year-old Todd Lewis, discovers a car submerged in the lake, and stumbles on a decomposing corpse. The body is quickly identified as Tammy Stevenson, a beautiful, promiscuous teenager, who's been missing for a year. Then tragedy strikes again. Another death. Attempted suicide or murder? No one knows for sure. But as a freak tornado slashes across a secluded campground on the Point, Loren learns how far a killer will go to cover up his crime.
BEST LAID PLANS-Mayor Loren Graham is counting on Emerald Point's new community center to attract the tourists the town needs to recover financially from the devastating effects of the previous year's tornado. And she's pulling out all the stops to make sure everything's ready for the start of the summer season on Memorial Day. But Loren's best laid plans can't stem the run of misfortune plaguing the Lake George community. First, a body in contemporary clothing turns up among the statues of Rogers' Rangers in a French and Indian War display case, a body which disappears before it can be identified. Then, as the town gathers to celebrate the center's opening, a mysterious explosion disrupts the festivities. A few nights later, attractive, popular Madeline Hathaway, a driving force on the center committee, is found murdered outside her elegant lakeside home. Madeline kept many secrets, both from her wealthy but socially inept husband, Ted, and from the new friends she made after moving to the lake. When Madeline's poor relations arrive in Emerald Point unexpectedly, they ask Loren for help. As Loren comes to their aid, she learns more than she bargained for about Madeline's past and a secret affair which will shock the town and turn her own life upside down.
SECRETS DARK AND DEEP-As mayor of Lake George, a small resort town, Loren Graham tends to become overly involved in local investigations, much to the chagrin of Sheriff's Investigator Jim Thompson who has warned her to keep out of matters involving law enforcement. But when a stranger stumbles across a skeleton and insists on showing Loren, Loren finds herself drawn into the murder of a young college student 25 years earlier. Travel writer Millicent Halstead has moved back to Lake George, where she once lived with her husband, poet Carl Durocher, rumored to have had an intimate relationship with the murdered young woman. It's bad enough that Millicent keeps imposing on Loren's time, which distracts her from mending her tense relationship with boyfriend Don Morrison, but someone is stalking the neighborhood while local bat expert Arthur Blake's reclusive mother keeps disappearing. Although Loren tries to stay below Thompson's radar during the ongoing murder investigation, she keeps being pulled back in by those who knew the young woman. When Loren inadvertently learns the identity of the killer, she becomes targeted for murder.
COLD WINTER NIGHTS-Loren Graham, the mayor of Emerald Point-a picturesque little town on the shore of Lake George in upstate New York-is anticipating a wonderful Holiday season. The town was ready. Sparkling new decorations hung on posts and wires throughout the Main Street business district. A sound system was rigged to play holiday songs and announce special sales throughout the shopping season. Special shopping nights and extended hours were scheduled to encourage the local residents to buy their holiday gifts in Emerald Point instead of dashing off to the malls in Queensbury and Albany. And, best of all, the final gift to the community was to be a grand Holiday concert downtown the week before Christmas. Everything had been planned down to the last detail to make this Holiday Season the best one ever, but then someone else planned a different event that didn't add to the festivities. The shocking murder of a local woman-a respected nurse-in her own home.
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