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The untimely demise of Hector Morreti unleashed a secret: that old revolutionaries never really die. Deep under cover, their cause is always sure and the fight continues. Jonah Chappel, a free-lance reporter, is the only friend of Hector Morreti so it falls to Jonah to handle Hector's affairs. Suddenly Jonah finds himself a target of the FBI, and perhaps more terrifying, the band of fugitive terrorists interested in continuing Hector's work. Jonah must decide if some secrets are worth the risk of sharing in order to find happiness.


Hellfire-Hellfire is the story of the infamous English club of the same name patronized by famous men of the 18th century including Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Johnson.
The Story of the Four Ds-Ancestors long dead and long forgotten will rise to befriend you. To rescue from oblivion one's forebears, to revive their memories...cannot but give satisfaction. Even to catch something of a life more lasting and more worth-while than that of an individual, is in itself, no slight achievement. A family history of the Dennisons, the Doyles, the Davidsons and the Donaldsons
Misteltoe-A historical account of the history of the East End of London and the great Tower. A mysterious tunnel and the ancient Tower played a tremendous role in the history of London and Great Britain. In WWII, Ian Fleming ran a covert operation in the East End that helped the British emerge victorious from the terrible war.



Things were just the way they should have been in Abigail Hale's life. Her eighteen-year-old daughter Erica was on her way to college in Tennessee to study anthropology on a scholarship. Abby envisioned spending more time relaxing with her husband now that her only child had flown the nest. But Abby was in for a shock-she arrived home from dropping her daughter at the airport to find that her husband, Donald, was leaving her for another woman and his lawyer insisted that their house must be sold. In an instant, everything she thought she knew about her comfortable life was shattered. Abby-forty and unemployed for twenty years except in the capacity of housewife and mother-must rebuild her life and find work. Abby decides to do the only sensible thing-move to Hollywood to pursue her long-forgotten dream of becoming an actress. She also decides to return to using her maiden name-Whitefeather. With her dark eyes and hair-she is a Native American with a great body-Abby begins to get cast in small parts within months of arriving. Abby can not believe her luck when she lands a small speaking part in the smash soap opera LOVER'S LANE as a chambermaid who was one of the last people to see a murder victim and the suspect together. But art imitates life and Abby becomes the last person to see the victim of a brutal murder-the show's leading man, Dirk Saunders, bludgeoned to death just outside her apartment. Abby's life becomes a suspenseful cat and mouse game with a killer that she can not quite identify-yet.


BOCA MOON is also a Worldwide Mystery title.

BOCA MOON-Death comes calling...Lynn Woo's former commanding officer in Naval Intelligence is vacationing on a tropical island in Southwest Florida. Retired Admiral Whit Jenkins' son-in-law chooses the wrong night to take his infrared camera to the salty back bays in search of panthers. He pays for it with his life and Lynn discovers his murdered, mutilated body strung between two mangrove trees. It's been years since she's seen the result of violent death and she hasn't missed it. BUT THE CALL MUST BE ANSWERED...But now Lynn must tell Jenkins about the murder, and, ignoring her new back bay nature tour business, she plunges into the investigation. Along the way, Lynn deals with more murders, live alligators, seamy commercial fishermen, a fiery Seminole Indian girl, and attempts on her own life. She's helped by her best island friend, who is a mammoth, black sheriff's deputy, and her lover, who is a hand-washing germ freak. It all happens in a real place-Boca Grande-a tony tropical island on Florida's southwest coast. It's home to coconut palms and banyans, pelicans and iguanas, and rich people who mingle freely with the island folks. And redemption has a price-When Lynn Woo closes in on a den of greed and ego which will stop at nothing, including murder, she's met with a jolting surprise ending to this twisting tale of tropical skullduggery.
BOCA NEWS-Lynn Woo's laid-back existence in southwest Florida's Boca Grande is shattered as she finds her friend, newspaper publisher Lester Hood, looking at the wrong end of long knife. It's wielded by an islander who is upset with the publisher over his editorials on a raging local controversy which has the governor involved. But Lynn soon discovers there's a list of islanders who have it in for Lester....When Lynn and Lester narrowly escape the bombing of Lynn's boat while on a manatee survey, it becomes clear that the publisher is a target. Lynn's weaves her way through a cast of colorful, tropical characters on her way to shocking discoveries of greed, murder, lust and revenge, and a gut-wrenching, slam-bang conclusion.
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